Pay physical get digital

Posted by The Daily Ledger Editor on 03 Sep, 2018


Pay physical get digital

Even before the internet, people were always attracted by the prospects of easy money,when the internet made it possible to interact with the rest of the world from the comfort of one’s desk or couch the dream looked sweeter than ever, using the internet also lets you use your free time and allows for just about the most flexible hours imaginable. Thus making money online has been one of the goals internet users had ever since the internet was created.

In its beginnings bitcoin itself was seen by some as one of these lazy ways to make a few spare bucks, running your CPU to get mysterious “coins” for nothing seemed like a good thing to have. Everyone knows how that ended, so that is at least one reason to take note of these ways, who knows, maybe someday one of those could be a smash hit the way bitcoin became.

1. Affiliate links and network marketing

For people who have a good presence online and good marketing and persuasion skills, a relatively easy way of making money for them would be Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, you simply choose any vendor, send a link to a friend or acquaintance who would be interested in the offer, and make yourself a nice commision.

For the more ambitious, there is always the promise of network, or MLM type offerings, in a similar way to affiliate marketing, here too you appeal to your friends to save the day, selling all kinds of products, you create a distribution network and get commision from the sales of the people under you, the term “pyramid scheme” only applies when no underlying product is actually sold.

2. Elbow grease

The most certain way of getting paid is actually doing some work, for the untrained and unprofessional, the options seem rather limited, dismal and repetitive work, the main selling points is obviously the comfort and flexibility these outlets allow. But there is some diversity here nonetheless.

The options include rating music (on sites like slicethepie), payment for your opinion on polls, reviewing sites and apps and using sites like clickworker to perform simple tasks for quick payments, don’t expect to make a career out of this though, there is really no way of making a living doing just that.

3. Cashback

While not exactly a way of making money, cash-backs allows you to get some of the money you spend back, if you were going to spend that money anyway, I guess you could call it making money. There are a lot of options out there, including top cashback and Quidco which are based in the UK, Ebates and Shop Click for the US.

The most promising of I heard of so far is Rubiix, which actually pays you with its native crypto token a part of the ad campaign budget for participating in it, as well as additional payment for repeat purchases.


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