The Hottest Coolest Wallet

Posted by The Daily Ledger Editor on 03 Oct, 2018


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The Hottest Coolest Wallet

If you are in the crypto space for more than an hour, you probably know the most fundamental principle; do not keep your money on any exchange! I can’t make it clear enough. Unlike the crypto market, the two major players of the crypto wallet industry are very stable. So why making this comparison (again) you might ask yourself, because every once in a while there is a new wallet popping its head out. In order to stay safe and up to date, we should always stay open to new, exciting products.

As we know hardware wallets are nothing new. Like everything in this world of technology, things need tweaking and updates from time to time. While visual appeal and functionality are typically selling points, everyone these days are all about on-demand features. Hardware wallets help you keep your fortune safe even when you’re on the go.

Here are a few hardware wallets outlined to help you make the most informed decision on what wallet works best for you.


Trezor hardware wallet came to life in 2014 by SatoshiLabs, a Czech-Republic-based startup.

It was the first Bitcoin wallet on the market and one of the most prominent as well. Through a USB connection, Trezor gives a combination of secure cold storage and the ability to spend cryptocurrencies with the same convenience as a hot wallet. It allows you to store your private keys and digitally sign transactions without any Internet connection. The only downside is Apple users are out of luck because Trezor has not yet made their product iOS compatible. When compared to Ledger the looks are a lot more appealing and users suggest sign-in is much easier.



The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is the brainchild of eight experts from a France-based company called Ledger. Launched in 2014, Ledger is a very secure alternative for storing and managing cryptocurrencies. The Nano S offers a variety of nice features. In addition to the already appealing design, the hardware wallet based on the BOLOS platform is a small cryptographic wonder with high-security features like BIP39 Seed (12 to 24 words) and 4-digit login PIN code. While compared to competitors this wallet can store far more coin it seems they have the most basic design matched with a tedious sign-in process.



CoolbitX, founded in 2014 by Michael Ou, is a Taiwanese FinTech company specializing in manufacturing secure, US patented digital asset hardware and developing smart contract platforms for millions of users.

CoolbitX is the First Hardware Wallet with a Built-in hybrid decentralized exchange, allowing you to securely trade on your wallet and smartphone.

It has a compatible app for android and ios that uses encryption Bluetooth communication. Coolbitx sets themselves apart by being the only hardware wallet out there that is actually mobile using its encrypted Bluetooth technology making a USB connection a thing of the past. By being waterproof, tamper-proof, impact resistant, heat/cold resistant, on the go storage, Flexible, sturdy and lightweight CoolbitX is raising the standard for all competing hardware wallets.


FYI Key Comparison

Everyone likes visuals, why we’ve broken down these three wallets to their most crucial functionalities to help you easily choose right for you.


We have examined 3 hardware wallets, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In order to keep your investments safe, you definitely need to use the most secure technology solution available on the market.

In conclusion, do yourself a favor, invest in a good hardware wallet that fits your needs. Don’t endanger your funds, be your own bank and most importantly keep your crypto safe.


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