A Portion Of The Art World

Posted by The Daily Ledger Editor on 18 Oct, 2018


A Portion Of The Art World

Bringing new technology to a conservative sector is never an easy task, the conventional art market is a shining example of that. Using blockchain technology, a new model art market comes into view, with the mathematically proven legality of provenance and the following chain of ownership, just an example of how one might be able to solve an age-old problem in the art industry, theft, and fraud.

Collectibles themselves are a growing and relatively new asset class in the market, some even hailing it as a “killer app” for blockchains, with the likes of the MLB, known all over the world for the legendary collector status, recently making collectible versions of famous baseball players (mlbcryptobaseball.com). These collectibles seem to be the way of the future when it comes to Gen Z collecting. Conventional art markets are behind the curve on this one.

The problems in the conventional art market don’t end there, and the art market is comprised of many different service providers that intermediate between artist and collector, including galleries, brokers, and dealers. Portion, acting as an exchange, allows you to connect directly with the artist or the seller. Artists will also be able to receive royalties; so, everyone wins!

Portion, with its native token PORTI, intends to do just that and much more, initial funding to the tune of 5.5 million dollars has already been secured by Portion through venture capital funds. Portion partnered with snkrINC, to curate a blockchain based and unique digital collectible, the sneaker, available for free by joining their waitlist by November 1st.

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